1973 Alfa Romeo GTV 2000

Year: 1973
Condition: Used
Make: Alfa Romeo
Model: GTV 2000
V.I.N: AR3022589
Mileage: 55,290
Body: 2 Door Coupe
Fuel: Gas
Exterior Color: Yellow
Interior Color: Black


Driveline Restoration is pleased to present this beautiful GTV 2000.  Alfa Romeo is an iconic Italian automaker with a rich history that was founded in Milan, Italy in 1910.  Alfa has historically been the vehicle of choice for Italian royalty and police forces. 

The GTV 2000 2-door coupe has a body designed by Bertone with a DOHC front mounted engine powering the rear wheels.


* 1973 Alfa Romeo GTV 2000 - condition:

This Alfa Romeo was built new in August of 1973 and was specifically designated for the California market. It is believed that this GTV has always been a California car. There have been 3-owners from new. Although not much is known about the first owner, he sold it to the second owner in 1985. This owner lived in Northern California. He drove the car for about 5-years before he started a light restoration. He repainted the car in its original color and then did a rebuild on the motor. We believe when the motor was rebuilt, a different case was used, but it is a correct 2.0L case. He never finished the job and ended up storing the car for 25-years in a dry inland warehouse. When the prior owner found the car a couple of years ago, it had a set of Webers on the motor, but the conversion had not been completed. The Spica system was complete and included with the car. So, he installed the Spica, tuned it, and the car fired up with the first turn of the key. Furthermore, this owner's Alfa specialist went through the car to get it ready for road use and confirmed that the condition of the engine showed that it had not many miles on it since being rebuilt.  


We found this Alfa about a year ago and recognized it as a near-concours car, and did the following updates:


  • Replaced exhaust

  • Replaced the drivers side aftermarket and passenger side mirror

  • Replaced the rear view mirror

  • Replaced seat shelf

  • Replaced wooden dash paneling


This Alfa GTV drives very tight and has excellent throttle response with a nice low-power. It starts easily even when very cold. It holds a steady idle as well, it is a pleasure to drive this Alfa motor, suspension, transmission and brakes all feel just great


* Specifics/Build Information:


Base price: 66,700

Engine: 2.0 L Twin Cam

Drivetrain: Rear wheel drive ( 5 speed manual )

Length x width x height (inches): 161.0in x 62.0in x 52.0in

Wheelbase: 92.5in

Curb weight : 2264 LBS

Price  : $ 42,000

Jose M Dominguez